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Nothing but praise for the deceased person

War aftermath

Predrag Antonijevic

Short description:
Immediately after the war, in a village somewhere in Serbia, the People's Board Chairman, along with the peasants, manages to avoid compulsory wheat buying up, and other country taxes. So he gets replaced, but somehow he gets away. Fishing with explosive, he dies. According to unwritten rule - to speak all the best of the deceased person - the village school gets his name. The new president wants to improve the retarded village and to include it in the process of industrialization. The villagers resist him heavily. But clinging to Stalin's methods and with the support of authorities, he creates laboring class out of peasants. His great wish is to study the Marx's "Capital". But the wind of progress which raised him, returns him to reality in which he dies soon. Nothing but praise for the deceased person.

Centar film, Beograd

Predrag Antonijevic, Dusan Perkovic

Vojislav Kostic

Tomislav Pinter

Production design:
Milenko Jeremic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Boza Stankovic

95 minutes

Widescreen, color



Bogdan Diklic
Bora Todorovic
Boro Stjepanovic
Dragoljub Milosavljevic-Gula
Pavle Vuisic
Petar Kralj
Radmila Zivkovic
Sanja Vejnovic
Tihomir Arsic
Zvonimir Lepetic

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