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The trap

Psiholoska drama

Suada Kapic

Short description:
One night with the unknown woman in a hotel room, gives a young man a difficult nightmare from which he awakens just to enter it again. He dreams of an escaped soldier who bursts into a mountain house during the New Year's Eve, where he meets two couples engaged in orgies. The soldier's fear and desperation grows along with the madness of drunk couples. Suddenly, he spots his image on the TV screen, and gets terrified when he realizes that he's being pursued. Heavy slam on the door frightens him and he shoots. Only one of the present people is left alive. then, he shoots himself. He awakens frightened in his hotel room, and looks terrified at the woman from the dream in bed, besides him, gets dressed and runs away.

Avala Film, FRZ Jutro, Sarajevo

Suada Kapic

Vlatko Stefanovski

Levko Mojsovski, Miodrag Milosevic

Production design:
Milenko Simic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija, Bosna i Hercegovina

Film editing:
Mihailo Ilic

96 minutes

Standard, color



Haris Burina
as vojnik
Ksenija Orel
as zena Sasinog prijatelja
Milena Zupancic
as Sasina zena
Mustafa Nadarevic
as Sasa
Radko Polic
as Sasin prijatelj
Vuk Marinic
as dete

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