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Christmass in Vienna

Drama, War film

Branko Schmidt

Short description:
Croatia, december of 1991.War is in Slavonia. Violin player Ivan and his colleagues musicians give concertos in a battlegrounds. One concerto is interrupted with sudden enemy bombing. Ivan's best friend - cello player loses his arm. Ivan leaves to visit his parents which fled to Vienna before horrors of war. He meets a beautifull doctor Marina. His friend calls him to audition in a theatre. Vienna, showered with Christmass shine gives Ivan opportunity to start new life. But care for wounded friend and father's strong desire to return create a dilemma. This is a film about sensible individuals in a final situation of cruel war reality. Sincerely picturing the obscure and burdensome relationships of its heroes, film depicts universal ethical values.

HRT, Inter Film, Ivan Maloca

Branko Schmidt

Igor Kuljeric

Vjekoslav Vrdoljak

Production design:
Dusan Jericevic

Costume design:
Vjera Ivankovic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Vesna Lazeta

97 minutes

Standard, color



Zarko Savic
as Stevo
Cintija Asperger
as Brigita
Damir Saban
as Branko Jelic
Dejan Acimovic
as gardist
Filip Sovagovic
as Ivan Lesjak
Ilija Ivezic
as genaral Raguz
Ivo Gregurevic
as gost
Ljubo Kapor
as Petar Lesjak
Marija Kohn
as teta Ana
Nada Gacesic
as blagajnica

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