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The Tunnel

War film, Romance

Faruk Sokolovic

Short description:
The plot of this film is set in an idyllic village in the middle of Bosnia, connected wit outer world only with a tunnel. Story begins in 1996, when refugees in a police escort come close to their, due to war abandoned, homeland and a tunnel - their only connection with the world. There is an old man among them, who stubbornly goes though the tunnel towards the grave of his long lost love, not considering the change of flags and boundaries, fearless, just with memories to the past not less painful and not less scaring and unfair in which he already lost everything he had, loved... all dreams, hopes and ideals,... Film relies on a tragic love triangle between beautiful young Mejra, her fiance Nedzad, plain village swain called Bojler and crude policeman Milenko, who takes revenge, unable to conquer Mejra, sending her boyfriend to prison, and her to forced work. Through this love story breaks out historical milieu settled in fifties, in the era of titoist communism and political processes against ideological enemies, in this case against members of religious islamic movement Mladi Muslimani (Young Muslims). All of these interlaces: love, hatred, revenge, political capability, ideological hastyness, simplicity of village life in which surmounts rituality of customs, idyllic nature and unpredictability of destinies.

Mebius film, Sarajevo, Suhreta Sokolovic

Nedzad Latic, Faruk Sokolovic

Mirfar Tusok

Stipe Svetinovic

Production design:
Amir Mujkic

Costume design:
Gordana Pavlic

Country of origin:
Bosna i Hercegovina

Film editing:
Vesko Kadic

Standard, color



Admir Glamocak
Aida Dzamalija
Aleksandar Seksan
Dragan Jovicic
Hasija Boric
Miraj Grbic
Samir Camdzic
Suada Ahmetasevic
Zan Merlot

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