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The tough ones

War aftermath

Miodrag (Mica) Popovic

Short description:
The war wind has passed, leaving permanent distortions in human minds. Two brothers, tough warriors, return after the liberation in their village, burnt and deserted. They confess to each other they brought machine guns along from the war, as a trophy. And again, back to shooting, the game they know and love. A German with distorted mind, who was left behind in rocky grounds after the village destruction, joins them. The three of them die in that crazy game.
Additional information:
Archive music selection.

Avala Film, Kino klub Beograd

Miodrag (Mica) Popovic

Dorijan Setina

Aleksandar Petkovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Mihailo Ilic

92 minutes

Widescreen, black/white



Bora Todorovic
as kondukter
Danilo (Bata) Stojkovic
as Gvozden
Dragana Kalaba
as devojcica
Dusan Janicijevic
as Vlatko
Jovan Janicijevic
as Isidor
Ljerka Drazenovic
as Bilja
Ljuba Tadic
Ljubica Janicijevic
as zrtva
Ljubomir Cipranic
as nemacki oficir
Mihajlo Ilic
as Svaba
Mira Stupica
Mirjana Vacic
as pevacica
Petar Lupa
as profesor
Rade Markovic
as zemljak
Rastko Tadic
as sudija
Zlata Numanagic
as partizanka
Zoran Popovic
as napasnik I

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