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The burden

Social film

Vuk Babic

Short description:
A young man who lives and works in town, comes to a Vojvodinian village to visit his mother, brother, his native home. He also visits a girl, sympathy from the school days, who finished education, but can not find a job. With his former friends he's having fun in village taverns. His friend, who is working in Germany, comes to village with new car and money. But, is it enough for happiness? The relations between people are poisonous. Young man, not able to find the meaning of life, with feelings of desolation, commits suicide at dawn.
Additional information:
Archive music selection.

Film danas, Beograd, RTV Beograd

Ferenc Deak

Petar Latinovic

Production design:
Nikola Teodorovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Vuksan Lukovac

85 minutes

Standard, color



Dusan Golumbovski
Iren Bada
Janez Vrhovec
Laszlo Pataki
Mihailo Kostic
Peter Szel
Piri Fazekas
Sandor Medve
Snezana Niksic

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