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The coach

Social film

Mladomir (Purisa) Djordjevic

Short description:
A man from small town, coach of a large club, returns to his native land in order to visit his parents grave, and to bring a talented forward center with him to Belgrade, who becomes a star in his club. But, there's a break up between the coach, club manager and forward center, and the coach goes abroad. During an international competition, two coaches' clubs meet, the former and present one. His former team wins, which means his job position is unstable. He succeeds in Belgrade. He's again in his little town before his father's monument, who died during the war, wondering why he was working against his country in the sports field.
Additional information:
Achive music selection.

CFS Kosutnjak, Beograd, Avala Film

Mladomir (Purisa) Djordjevic

Zivorad Milic

Production design:
Sava Acin

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Mirjana Mitic

100 minutes

Standard, color



Dijana Sporcic
as Kosovilja
Dragomir Cumic
as clan uprave
Dusica Zegarac
as Lila
Djordje Nenadovic
as knez
Goran Sultanovic
as igrac
Ljiljana Tica
as Nedelja
Ljuba Smiljevic
as igrac sportske prognoze
Ljuba Tadic
as Lemka
Miki Jovicic
as mehanicar
Milena Dravic
as Petrova zena
Peter Carsten
as fotograf
Slavica Stefanovic
as zena igraca
Tanasije Uzunovic
as Petar
Voja Govedarica
as igrac sportske prognoze
Zoran Bogdanovic
as golman I
Zoran Stojanovic
as golman I rezerva
Zoran Velickovic
as Ruzmarin

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