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Banovic Strahinja (The Falcon)

Historical film

Vatroslav Mimica

Short description:
While Banovic Strahina is hunting, Alija and his group attack his tower. He kills all the men, and takes away Strahinja's wife Andja, trying to seduce her by the way. She resists for a long time, but eventually gives in. Strahinja finds the renegade camp and kills Alija in duel. Andja then goes to her father to endure her penalty - digging her eyes out. She is taken to a temple, where the cruel custom is about to take place. Strahinja is there also. Everyone believes that he has come to convey the penalty himself. He takes a red-heated sword into his hands, but in an instant, forgives her and leads her out from the temple. By the motives of famous, synonymous folk song.
Additional information:
Producer: R. Von Hirschberger / R. Kalmowitz, FRZ - Zagreb, Avala pro-film - Belgrade and Zvezda film - Novi Sad.

Jadran Film, CFS Kosutnjak, Beograd, Avala Film, FRZ, Zagreb, Avala pro-film, Zvezda film, Novi Sad

Aleksandar Petrovic, Vatroslav Mimica

Alfi Kabiljo

Branko Ivatovic

Production design:
Milenko Jeremic

Costume design:
Emilija Kovacevic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija, Hrvatska

Film editing:
Vesna Kreber

105 minutes

Widescreen, color



Bozidar Pavicevic-Longa
as rob
Dragan Nikolic
as Alija
Franco Nero
as Banovic Strahinja
Gert Froebe
as knez Jug Bogdan
Igor Galo
Neda Spasojevic
as ropkinja
Nikola (Kole) Angelovski
as dvorska luda
Rade Serbedzija
as Abdulah
Rados Bajic
as Bosko
Sanja Vejnovic
as Andja
Stojan Arandjelovic
as pop Gradislav

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