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Predrag Velinovic

Short description:
I - Three young men from New Begrade block spend their time together. After finishing their secondary school, they are waiting to join the army, trying to get the money easily. Their dreams of better life crumble (in a comic way), and their lives split. II - Three young men work in book storehouse. Mother of one of them works in a restaurant and tries to find a job for her son there. In the meantime, young man acquaints a girl from the neighborhood. The night before he started to work in the restaurant, young man and his friends were not allowed to enter some party without neckties. Without drinks and fun, they decide to undertake a strange action. The young man steals restaurant key from his mother, and the three of them enter it. III - Two young ones are together for years, living in the same building with their parents. He is a graduated paleontologist without work, and she is finishing medical faculty. They are seeing very little of themselves lately, because she is studying for her last exame. She tells him she got a job in a village hospital and leaves. Not receiving any news from her in two months, he departs to find her.
Additional information:
Sript: II- Ivan Panic, Ivan Lalic; III - Janko Baljak, Zoran Bacic. Director: II - Ivan Markov; III - Janko Baljak. Camerman: II - Stevica Miric; III - Jovan Milinov. Scenography: II - Andrijana Desnica; III - Tanja Djosic. Film editing: II - Vladimir Sojat; III - Lidija Pekic.

Inex Film, Beograd, FDU, Beograd

Predrag Velinovic

Dusan Petrovic, Zoran Stojic

Dusan Filipovic

Production design:
Goran Joksimovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Dusanka Vujovic

96 minutes

Standard, color



Aleksandra Miljkovic
Bozidar Savicevic
Branislav Jerinic
Dejan Matic
Dragan Jovanovic
Dusan Golumbovski
Milan Erak
Nebojsa Ljubicic
Nenad Nenadovic
Nikola Kojo
Predrag Milinkovic
Predrag Tomanovic
Renata Ulmanski
Ruzica Sokic
Teodora Stankovic
Vesna Stanojevic
Vladan Dujovic

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