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Trains with no smile

War aftermath

Svetislav (Bata) Nedic

Short description:
Authentic story of a Yugoslav man and a Russian girl. They meet in train in 1944. with which the Germans transported Jews to German camp, where they were ending in gas-chambers. Two of them escape from the train and, after three months, in Poland, they come across Red Army units. Till 1948. they live in Kijev with their son. During the Informbureau, Soviet authorities expell him and his son to Yugoslavia, and his wife is sent to camp. In Belgrade, Yugoslav authorities arrest him and send him to Goli otok, from where he never came back. Their son is raised in a Home for abandoned children. However, his mother will arrive to Belgrade and, after 40 years, will meet her son.
Additional information:
Vladimir Sosjura cooperated on the script. Valerij Cumak cooperated on film shooting. Archive music selection.

FRZ Film 41, Beograd, Kino Studio Dovzenko, Kijev

Svetislav (Bata) Nedic, Cedo Vulevic

Sergej Lisecki

Production design:
Anatolij Dobroleza

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Natalija Borovskaja

95 minutes

Standard, color



Ana Tvelenjeva
Boris Hmeljnicki
Milan Strljic

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