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Black Bomber


Darko Bajic

Short description:
BOOM-92 is a radio-station which has only one microphone and many cockroaches, at the beginning of new millenium. "Blacky" is a popular radio-speaker who says what is on his mind. Through the adventure with crazy lady-singer of garage rock-band, seeking for himself, he finds only unrest. In a psychodelic multi-party country on the edge of anarchy, but ready for universe, two of them live as warriors. "Blacky" decides to make his own radio-station, by the name of "Black Bomber". While he's running through town, followed with shouting of his fans, "Blacky" knows he doesn't need universe and 1000 years long life. He is a meteor-man, hero for one day.
Additional information:
Music authors: the band "Rok".

FIVET, Kikinda, RTV Beograd

Aleksandar Barisic, Darko Bajic

Radan Popovic

Production design:
Vlastimir Gavrik

Costume design:
Emilija Kovacevic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Vuksan Lukovac

115 minutes

Widescreen, color



Anica Dobra
as Luna
Bogdan Diklic
Bogdan Tirnanic
Danilo (Bata) Stojkovic
as Bogdan Markovic
Dragan Bjelogrlic
as Crni bombarder
Dragan Jovanovic
as bombas
Dragan Maksimovic
Goran Radakovic
Igor Pervic
Katarina Zutic
as DDT
Natalija Lucanin
Nebojsa Bakocevic
as Kuglica
Nenad Pervan
Nenad Rackovic
Petar Bozovic
as inspektor
Srdjan Todorovic
as Fleka
Uliks Fehmiu
Zarko Lausevic
as smajser

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