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Ulysses' gaze


Theo Angelopoulos

Short description:
Awakened in Itaca, a contemporary Ulysses, movie director A. starts the quest for old Balkan pictures, believing that these new ones, full with horrors of war, have lost their innocence. He starts his journey through Bulgaria and Romania and arrives to Belgrade. There he finds out that in Yugoslav film library there are films taken by Milton Manaki at the beginning of this century. But every attempt to develop this film is a failure. Images would appear only for second, and then disappear. And while A. is searching for his images, the war rages around him. He meets a friend in Belgrade, Greek war reporter, who tells him about the war. Then he meets the old film library director, also living in the past. From him he finds out that Manaki's film was captured in Sarajevo during the war. Passing through danger, he gets to Sarajevo, finds the film, but he is no longer certain if he would find his and Balkan's answers there.
Additional information:
Producer: Paradis film, La Generale d'Images La Sept Cinema, Canal +, Basic Cinematographica, Instituto Luce (RAI), Channel 4, Tele Muenchen, Concorde Films, Herbert Kloider, Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe. Executive producer: Bandur film - Belgrade. Miodrag Nikolic cooperated on scenography.

Theo Angelopoulos, Atina, Greek Film Centre, Mega Channel

Theo Angelopoulos

Eleni Karaindrou

Yorgos Arvanitis

Production design:
Giorgos Patsas

Costume design:
Giorgos Ziakas

Film editing:
Yannis Tsitsopoulos

197 minutes

Standard, color



Angel Ivanof
Dora Volanaki
Dragan Maksimovic
Erland Josephson
Giorgos Michalokopoulos
Harvey Keitel
Ivica Klemenc
Ljuba Tadic
Maia Morgenstern
Mania Papadimitriou
Olivera Markovic
Slobodan Ninkovic
Thenassis Vengos
Vesna Trivalic

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