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Black Cat, White Tomcat

Comedy, Romance

Emir Kusturica

Short description:
Plot is set to the banks of Danube where Matko (small Black Marketeer) lives. One day he comes up with an idea to smuggle gasoline shipping train traveling between Belgrade and Turkey and make big money. But for this endeavour he needs sponsor, so he goes with his son Zare to Grga Pitic, Gipsy 'Godfather' and old family friend. Grga accepts proposal to finance project, but it turns out that Matko is not up to the task, because he's forestalled by Dadan - young gangster, cocain and techno music addict. Being načve Matko becomes his debtor and i suggests that Zare, his son, marry Dadan's miniature sister Bubamara(ladybug). However, Zare loves another one, blonde Gipsy girl Ida. Here comes the wedding day. Everyone is happy except Ida and Zare. While guests celebrate and Dadan dances, clever bride Bubamara takes a moment of carelessness and fleds her own wedding. On the run she mets the Big Grga (Grga Veliki) and they fall in love with each other. Zare, finally free, embarks with Ida in boat and sails down the Danube...
Additional information:
This is the story about friendship, love and growing mature on the ruins of one society and system of values that disappears. Film was premiered at Venice film festival where Emir Kusturica have got Silver Lion award for the best Director.

Komuna, Maksa Catovic, Karl Baumgartner, Stefi S.A., Pandora film, Frankfurt, Ciby 2000, Pariz

Gordan Mihic, Emir Kusturica

Nele Karajlic, Dejo Sparavalo, Voja Aralica

Thierry Arbogast

Production design:
Milenko Jeremic

Costume design:
Nebojsa Lipanovic

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Svetolik Zajc

136 minutes

Standard, color



Adnan Bekir
as Grga Mali
Asim Dzemaili
as telohranitelj 2
Bajram Severdzan
as Matko Destanov
Branka Katic
as Ida
Florijan Ajdani
as Zare Destanov
Irfan Jagli
as telohranitelj 1
Jasar Destani
as Grga Veliki
Ljubica Adzovic
as baba Sujka
Predrag (Miki) Manojlovic
as maticar
Predrag Lakovic
as maticar
Rifat Sulejman
as disko igrac
Sabri Sulejman
as Grga Pitic
Salija Ibraimova
as Bubamara (Afrodita)
Srdjan Todorovic
as Dadan Karambolo
Stojan Sotirov
as Bugarski carinik
Zabit Memedov
as Zarije Destanov
Zdena Hutrecakova
as artistkinja (Crni Obelisk)

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