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The flaming city

War aftermath

Veljko Bulajic

Short description:
Peasants and their families, engineers, technicians, criminals and prostitutes gathered around the industrial facilities construction site in Zenica. Having well in mind all the wishes and preoccupations of these men, Siba is trying to help them, working with effort and love which supersedes his duty. It is hard to satisfy everyone and accomplish as much as you can in that flaming city, and Siba makes mistakes, carried with desire to accomplish even the impossible. With great efforts, builders succeed in surmounting the disaster after the dam break, and while the first iron flows from new furnaces, Siba, replaced because of the errors, leves flaming Zenica.
Additional information:
Bruno Barati and Veljko Bulajic worked on script in cooperation.

Avala Film

Radenko Ostojic, Dragoslav Ilic, Veljko Bulajic

Vladimir Kraus-Rajteric

Kresimir (Kreso) Grcevic

Production design:
Dusan Jericevic

Costume design:
Borka Subaranovic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Ljerka Stanojevic

114 minutes

Cinemascope, black/white



Dragomir Felba
as Bata
Ilija Dzuvalekovski
as Siba
Janez Vrhovec
as Sarac
Lela Simecki
as Luna
Lia Rho-Barbieri
Milena Dravic
as Hara
Milos Kandic
as mali
Mira Sardoc
as Jablanica
Nikola Privora
as radnik na dizalici
Olivera Markovic
as Liba
Velimir (Bata) Zivojinovic
as monter
Zorica Simunovic
as telefonistkinja

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