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Red dust

Action, Kriminalisticki, Drama, Thriller

Zrinko Ogresta

Short description:
Crni (the Black) is 27 year old boxer of suburban Zagreb club, during mid-1990ties. He runs away from army embittered because he didn't get the telegram about his mother's death. He returns to hometown where he finds wedding of his recent girlfriend Lidia with local bully and cafe bar owner - Boss. With a little help of his friend, car mechanic Shkrga (Gill), he starts smuggling cigarettes, not knowing that he just imperils identical and already established Bosses business. Under the influence of his coach Kirby, policeman in local station who protects him from a military police and with whom he has seemingly undefined but special relationship, he is returning to training. Faced with her husband's brutality, Lidia runs away... In a Crni's house, in one unpleasant situation, she was killed. Only murder witness is - Zrik, 16 years old boy, Shkrga's apprentice, which is lookout of entire film...

HRT, Inter Film, Sanja Ivancin, Ivan Maloca

Zrinko Ogresta, Goran Tribuson

Neven Franges

Davorin Gecl

Production design:
Ivica Trpcic

Costume design:
Vesna Plese

Country of origin:

Film editing:
Josip Podvorac

105 minutes

Standard, color



Zarko Savic
as otac
Ante Vican
as velecasni Grga
Bozidarka Frajt
as susetka
Drazen Herout
as telohranitelj Mika
Ivo Gregurevic
as Kirby
Jelica Vlajki
as Ruza
Josip Kucan
as Crni
Kristijan Ugrina
as Skrga
Krunoslav Belko
as telohranitelj "Tyson"
Marica Vidusic
as Lela
Miro Barnjak
as Drveni, Bossov telohranitelj
Mirta Takac
as Sonja
Sandra Loncaric
as Lidija
Slaven Knezovic
as Boss
Vanda Vujanic
as Julija
Vanda Vujanic
as Zrik

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