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Tight skin 2


Milan Zivkovic

Short description:
An administrator of almost bancrupted firm gets an idea to build a motel for numerous Turks pasing through Yugoslavia. One Turk also gets interested in that idea. General manager, by the way an intriguer, wants to ruin the administrator's plan. He says to Turk in confidence that the administrator is a homosexual. But, he fails because the Turk is inclined to men also. Series of comic events occur until the administrator realizes Turk's tendencies. General manager gives money to his mistress, and leaves all of his estate to his wife, in order to protect himself. Both of them leave him. Eventually, general manager and administrator get to prison, each because of different reasons.
Additional information:
Ljiljana Pavic cooperated on the script. The band "Rokeri s Moravu" participates in the movie.

Gama, Beograd

Milan Zivkovic, Sinisa Pavic, Ljiljana Pavic

Boris Bizetic

Milos Spasojevic

Production design:
Vladislav Lasic

Country of origin:
Jugoslavija, Srbija

Film editing:
Petar Jakonic

87 minutes

Standard, color



Boris Dvornik
Danica Maksimovic
Jelica Sretenovic
Josif Tatic
Milan Gutovic
Nikola Simic
Rahela Ferari
Ruzica Sokic
Snezana Savic
Suzana Perovic
Vlasta Velisavljevic
Vojislav Brajovic

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